Consultant Profile

Graeme is a licensed professional engineer.  Graeme obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree in 1982 from UNB (University of New Brunswick) and has worked as a professional engineer and teacher in Canada and abroad since then.  Graeme started his engineering career with IOC (Iron Ore Canada) in Labrador City as a project engineer with field maintenance, working on mobile and fixed mining equipment.  In 1983 Graeme returned to UNB where he completed an Education Degree in Industrial Education.  In January 1985 Graeme started working for General Motors in St. Catherines Ontario.  As a project engineer he worked with the tooling team responsible for the conversion of the existing V6 engine assembly line to a palletized assembly process.  Under his guidance the conversion project was completed without losing a single day of production. 

In 1988 Graeme moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to work as a Process Engineer with Volvo Canada’s car assembly plant.  During his time at Volvo he completed a number of efficiency projects to improve production in the plant.  In 1995 Graeme was responsible for retooling the plant for the production of the new Volvo 850 front wheel drive. 

In 1997 Graeme transferred to Volvo Car Corporation in Gothenburg, Sweden and worked as a Production Engineer supporting changes in all the assembly plants in the exterior department.

In 2000 Graeme returned to Halifax and formed Creative Engineering Solutions Inc. and provided tooling and engineering services to clients throughout Atlantic Canada, and in 2007 Graeme joined forces with Contrast Engineering.

Graeme has completed hundreds of mechanical failure analysis, origin and cause investigations and has been accepted as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

Graeme lives in downtown Halifax with his artist partner Mary and their 2 dogs Austin and Molly.  Their 3 children, Christopher, Alexander and Emma are grown and pursuing school and work adventures across eastern Canada. In his spare time Graeme enjoys spending time with family, sailing his vintage sailboat, skiing, cycling, renovating and restoring, and fixing all the things that get broken.

Graeme can be reached at:

Office: 902.835.2175 (ext 1.4)

Fax: 902.832.2258


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