Consultant Profile

Noubar is a licensed professional engineer. Noubar obtained his Engineering degree in 1972 from Sir George Williams University, and then continued with his Graduate Studies at Concordia University.  

Noubar joined the Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS), Department of Mining & Metallurgy in 1980 where he began his career as an assistant professor. While teaching during a three year term from 1980 to 1983 at TUNS, he completed his Ph.D. in Electronic Materials from Concordia University in 1983.  In 1993, he was promoted to Full Professor at TUNS.   He was Department Head from 2000 to 2006. He has taught many Physical Metallurgy courses such as Material Science, Ferrous Alloys, Non-Ferrous Alloys, Industrial Design, and Welding.

Noubar established his company, Nova Crystals Ltd., in 1982 manufacturing electronic and advanced materials such as semiconductor crystals, advanced ceramics, pure Silica glassware, Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) and other specialty materials.  He has designed and built specialized machinery and equipment, such as furnaces (for Space applications), ball mills, high temperature torches, etc.  Noubar was asked to be a consultant to the Canadian Space agency and other companies such as Pratt &Whitney and several other International companies.

Presently, Noubar is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical engineering, Materials Option, at Dalhousie University; President of Nova Crystals Ltd.; and , since 2004, a consultant to Contrast Engineering.  As a member of the Contrast Team he specializes in metal properties, composite metals/materials, ceramics, failure analysis and corrosion. 

Noubar can be reached at:

Office: 902.835.2175 (ext 1.1)

Fax: 902.832.2258


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